Monday, November 3, 2014

Carnaval, nuestra fiesta más conocida

Saludos de nuevo,

nos han gustado mucho vuestras presentaciones!

Some answers to your questions:
- the best year's week to have fun in Solsona is during Carnival. We have 7 days plenty of activities. But we have other important celebrations , like the Annual Town Celebration (Festa Major).
- we like very much Txarango and Lax'n'busto, but the most famous singer in Catalan should be Shakira ;) If we assume that getting married with Gerard Piqué mades her a little bit Calatan too. She has a song in Catalan in her last album.
- our typical dish is bread with tomato (pan con tomate) and sausage (butifarra), and rice (paella) too.
- we're fans from Barça (FC Barcelona). We specialy like an Argentinian player, we're sure you know his name ;)

We have some questions for both groups too.
For the group from Traralgon:
- How long have you been celebrating the Spring Racing Carnival? Here in Solsona we have a race in Carnival too, but it's a lot different. We'll explain you later.
- Which language speak the indigenous stundets?
- What's the most typical dish in your town?

For the group of Puerto Madryn:
- What's the most typical dish in your town?
- Are there any penguins close to your town?
- Which is your favourite football  player?
- Have you ever seen the whales very close?

We've choosed Carnival for the geo-project because is our more famous celebration. We have got a lot of giants at the Carnival, all of them made in Solsona. Their names are: boig (crazy), mocós (brats), xut (owl), draca (dragon), and many more.

 We wish to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Introduction: 4B students from Liddiard Road Primary School


Liddiard Road Primary School is located in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia. Traralgon is approximately a 2 hour drive from the state capital of Melbourne.

Liddiard Road is a school of 300 students with the vast majority speaking English only. The school has an Indigenous program and actively incorporates Aboriginal culture in the curriculum and supports indigenous students. Refugees from Sudan have recently moved to the area and have become part of the school culture with some students speaking other languages such as Dinka and Nuer.

The students in class 4B range from 9 to 11 years of age and are enthusiastic about using ICT in the classroom.

The celebration 4B will be investigating is the Spring Racing Carnival:

Spring is the season of Horse Racing in Australia with the biggest events making up the Spring Racing Carnival held in Melbourne. Feature events include Caulfield Guineas, Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup, Derby Day, Oaks Day and Stakes Day. Races are held at several iconic race tracks including Caulfield, Flemington and The Valley. The Spring Racing Carnival attracts international and local trainers, celebrities, punters and spectators. The so called 'Race that stops the nation' is the Melbourne Cup which has its own public holiday!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Saludos desde Puerto Madryn Argentina!!

Hola a todos! Estamos muy contentos de poder conocerlos en este proyecto. 
 Vivimos en Puerto Madryn Chubut, en la Patagonia Argentina. Nuestra ciudad se encuentra situada en las costas del Golfo Nuevo y podemos disfrutar de la playa y de la compañía de las ballenas que todos los años vienen a nuestras costas a aparearse y tener crías. Nuestra ciudad es pequeña pero muy pintoresca. Actualmente estamos transitando los primeros meses de primaver y poco a poco se acerca el calor. Nuestra época favorita del año.
Somos una clase de 3er año de secundaria, nuestras edades son 14 y 15 años. En nuestra clase somos 34 alumnos, muy conversadores!! 
We are carrying the celebrations project in our English class, so we try to use english as much as possible. Our teacher is Cinthia. We have some questions to ask you because we are very curious!:

  • What do you do to have fun in your city?
  • Who's the most famous singer in your country?
  • What's a typical dish in your town?
  • Are you football fans? What team?
Thanks a lot! And we will keep in touch!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Presentació classe 1r A

Hola !
Classe 1º A
We live in Solsona. Our high school’s name is Francesc Ribalta, and our classroom tutor is Pep. We started the clases one month ago and the group is formed by 22 students.  We like very in groups and participating in this kind of projects much working, because we can learn other traditions and languages. Every day we have 6 hour of classes.
Solsona es una pequeña ciudad de Catalunya (España) de unos 10.000 habitantes. Ahora estamos en otoño y nos gusta mucho ir a recoger setas, ya que estamos en una zona próxima a la montaña con mucho bosque.


Estem en contacte per internet i ens agradaria que algun dia ens poguéssim veure tots!
See you!